You can easily and quickly make an attractive and effective individual or company site using the Free Web Site Building Application, included in the Website Control Panel. It won’t require any particular HTML or CSS expertise from you. You are able to design your own site without needing to come up with a single line of backend code. You’ll be able to choose from over a hundred layout themes that can be easily customized through the uncomplicated web–based manager. Once you’re all set, you can easily kick off your website within seconds simply by clicking on the publication button. Should you ever need guidance, you may contact American Host Land, Inc.’s 24x7 support crew, check out the how–to articles and/ or watch the free library of training videos.

A simple–to–operate Web–site Builder

No development working experience is called for

When you utilize a software tool to create your web site, it is important that the instrument is straightforward to employ. This is exactly why, we integrated the Website Builder straight into the Website Control Panel. it is extremely simple–to–operate and allows you to construct your web site with just a click.

You could add pages, manage their layout and also include completely new features utilizing a simple–to–operate editor. If you’ve ever used a CMS, an app or simply a text editing application, then you will already know how to employ our Website Builder.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

A number of Website Layout Themes

We now have over 100 layout themes

American Host Land, Inc. offers more than a hundred layout themes with various coloring setups and various styles. In this way, you can make your website distinctive from the very beginning. You can add more web pages, alter their order, and so forth.

If you no longer like the overall look of your website, you can switch the layout template, the coloring plan and the style at any time. The entire site content will be saved and will be displayed on the brand new theme instantaneously.

Multiple Website Templates

How–to Video Courses

Learn how painless it is to to make a web site

The Website Builder has a collection of training videos that can assist you from the moment of starting up the tool, to modifying your webpages. The instructional videos are made in accordance with the most commonly asked questions on American Host Land, Inc.’s Web–site Builder so as to cover what our customers really want to learn.

If you require further support, you should also take a look at the how–to manuals or communicate with the 24x7 support crew.

Video Tutorials